[Vobject] date/time representations

Jeffrey Harris jeffrey at ic.org
Fri Oct 22 15:22:40 CDT 2004

Hi Dave,

> There's a library I mentioned to Jeffrey a while back which parses, and 
> represents, iCal's date formats, including RRULE, and provides a spiffy 
> interface to them.


> I thought we'd be using that? (I do on my stuff, it's very spiffy indeed.)

TJ's been working on this, I DEFINITELY want to use dateutil.

I don't know how good dateutil's RRULE implementation is, RRULEs are 
notorious for being a pain to implement.  I'm particularly worried about 
RRULEs as they relate to timezones.  There's been an interesting (and 
lengthy) discussion on ietf-calsify about the need for local timezone 
information in RRULEs, see for instance 
I've had this dream that vobject could avoid fooling with timezones and 
only deal with UTC times, corner cases for RRULEs make that a sketchy 


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