[Vobject] date/time representations

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Fri Oct 22 03:37:36 CDT 2004

On Fri Oct 22 07:37:06 2004, Matt Price wrote:
> I'm just following up on an earlier message from someone else that
> I've foolishly deleted -- wouldn't it make sense for the date fields
> in vevents to be represented internally by datetime.datetime 
> objects?

Sounds about right to me, yes.

> iCal.py hasthe following code to parse date values:  

> so far it's worked ok for me.  I was also wondering about RRULE's --
> how should they be represented internally?  since they can repeat
> 'forever' it seems they can't be a simple list of date objects...

Externally, they can be, though. :-)

There's a library I mentioned to Jeffrey a while back which parses, 
and represents, iCal's date formats, including RRULE, and provides a 
spiffy interface to them.

It's at, erm, 

I thought we'd be using that? (I do on my stuff, it's very spiffy 

Loosely, it means that RRULE stuff ends up as a list which isn't 
fully evaluated - the list might "go on" for ever, basically, but you 
don't have to care.


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